Ocean Fiber 

Macro Photography – Various Sizes printed on various materials

Reflecting on the theme, In the Details: Hawai’i is surrounded by gorgeous blue, tropical waters, a blue that seeped deeply into Deanna’s creative work. Never having an affinity for the color blue before moving to Hawai’i, Deanna is now fascinated by it. She is drawn to it, pulled by its myriad of shades she steps closer, into the warm ocean. She is curious as to why it never drew her attention before. The sun reflects its heat off the ripples, hot spots sparkling on the surface of waves, yet piercing deep in places, changing the blues to greens into deeper and deeper hues. Deanna’s fiber art installation piece, Endangered Oceans, reflects the ocean she observed while living in Hawai’i and including the ugliness of the ghost netting washing onto the beaches.


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2015          Butterfly Rainforest: Preparing for Flight, Cairns Botanic Gardens, Cairns, Queensland, Australia
2014          Electric Butterflies, Shiro Oni Studio, Onishi, Gunma, Japan


2019          Aloha Spirit Hawai’i, Imago Mundi Project – Luciano Benetton Collection, Gallerie delle Prigioni, Treviso, Italy
2019          In the Details – Tokyo, Japan, Le Deco Gallery
2018          Turning the Page – Paper Gallery, Manchester, England
2018          Reading Between the Lines – Yokohama, Japan, LaunchPad Gallery
2018          Cosmopolitan Art Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan, Setagaya Art Museum Taiji Kiyokawa Memorial Annex
2018          Contact 2018: Contact Zone, Honolulu, Hawaii (Curated by Michael Rooks & Keola Naka’ahiki Rapozo)
2018          World Book Day, St. Helens, England
2018           729 Studios @ Aupuni Gallery, Honolulu, Hawaii
2017           Aloha Spirit Hawai’i, Imago Mundi Project – Luciano Benetton Collection, Koa Art Gallery, Honolulu, Hawaii
2017           Hawai’i Craftsmen – 50th Annual Statewide Juried Exhibition, Honolulu Museum of Art School Main Gallery, Honolulu, HI
                  (Curated by Magdalene Odundo, OBE)
2017           Mori Pop-Up x Honolulu Biennial 2017, Honolulu, Hawaii (Curated by Mori by Art+Flea)