kit pancoast nagamura


in the details

Observing detail is, for humans, a vital survival skill; we take joy, warning, or knowledge from noticing the small things in life.   As a photographer and poet, I hope to stimulate our attention to what is in the details of our relationship to nature, and to the world we are building around ourselves.  

An award-winning poet and photographer, Nagamura’s visual art frequently references the haiku tradition of pared-down, seasonal, suggestive and resonant expression. Nagamura spends hours observing a subject until it reveals its essence, an essence that was (of course) present all along, but might be visible only for a fleeting moment. Her work has been said to inspire the irresistible urge to go look at the world once more, carefully, with fresh eyes. Her images hang in numerous private collections around the world, appear monthly in The Japan Times, and on several NHK World TV productions.

“IPO” Media & Size TK

“IPO” Media & Size TK

“Tender” Media and Size TK

“Tender” Media and Size TK

select exhibitions and awards

2018           Winner of Skylark Magazine Photo Competition
2018           One woman exhibition “Green Spell” at Plate, Tokyo

2017           Group exhibition “Blossom Blast,” Ultra Super New Gallery, Harajuku
2017           One woman exhibition at Tokyo American Club, Women’s Group, Tokyo

2015           ANA Hotel, One woman exhibition, “Natural Permutations”
2015           One woman exhibition, “Mythography,” nudes in Greek mythological tableaux, Sin Den

2014           Winner, “Nude Landscapes” photo contest, SoHo Gallery

2013           Two person exhibition with Daniel Kelly at Toriizaka Gallery at ANA Intercontinental Hotel

2012           Group show at Fuji Square Gallery in Midtown, Minato-ku, Tokyo

2011           Show “Tokyo Stories” with Joji Shimamoto at Tobin Ohashi Gallery, Nihonbashi